• 21 MAY 20
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    AART will be resuming in-person treatments effective June 1, 2020.  We have made this decision in consultation with the Canadian Fertility & Andrology Society and have considered the Provincial Public Health recommendations as well.  We will resume services with an emphasis on infection prevention and control.
    Our staff will be wearing PPE for every patient interaction.  We have a robust infection prevention and control policy in place including cleaning between each patient.  Patients will be required to provide and wear their own mask (disposable or cloth) at all times when in the clinic.  Support persons will not be permitted in the clinic with patients.
    Please call our nursing line at 902-404-8607 to let us know if you would like to proceed with in-person treatments including IVF, FET, IUI, TDI or sonohysterograms.  We will not be taking day 1s that occurred before June 1, 2020.
    Early pregnancy scans will be booked as needed for patients who have undergone treatment.
    Every patient who proceeds with treatment will sign a consent that states their treatment will be cancelled at their cost if they or a close contact of theirs contracts COVID-19 during treatment.  The consent also provides information about COVID-19 and pregnancy.
    We will accommodate as many patients as possible when services are resumed.  Given we were not providing treatments for several months there is a possibility that we will reach capacity and treatment may be delayed for some patients.  We typically run at or below capacity but we have reached capacity several times in the past and the patients who were delayed received treatment within a month or two.
    Sperm Functional Analysis (SFA) can be booked by calling our front desk at 902-404-8600.
    We will continue to offer teleconference appointments for all interactions that do not need to be in-person such as clinic appointments for initial or follow-up consultations.
    Thank you for your patience.  We are happy to be resuming in-person treatments and look forward to hearing from you!
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