AART - Our Policies

Our Policies


In order to become an AART patient you can be referred by your family doctor, gynecologist, urologist, or you may self-refer. To avoid repeating tests, we also require you to sign a release of information form allowing us to obtain copies of test results.

Judging Success

We endeavour to treat all patients who seek our services. We define success one patient at a time. Our first focus is on helping our patients make informed decisions about the best approach to care based upon their probability of success and supporting their decision making process.

Please see our Success section for more information on success considerations and measures.


All patient information is confidential. However, AART must keep the medical and public communities informed about the status of our program. Any information released about our therapies and results is only presented in general terms. Patients’ names are never released. Specific details may appear in professional publications; however, patient identities are not revealed. Complete anonymity is maintained. No information about a patient’s progress or outcome is given to any other patient in the program.

Evidence Based Therapies

We aim to offer therapies that are safe, ethical and proven to be effective based upon a significant body of scientific evidence.


Once a patient is referred for a treatment option offered by AART, most provincial healthcare plans will not cover our services, including the initial consultation. Payment is the responsibility of the patient. Payment is required at the time of service.