AART Our Values

Our Values

The values that guide AART and what this means to us:

Dedication to excellence

This shared commitment to excellence can be seen across all aspects of our patient care, our clinical outcomes, and our research and education. We are rigorous in evaluating our effectiveness and are driven to learn how to do better. We publish our outcomes on our website and encourage feedback from patients and stakeholders to help us continue to excel.

Compassionate, patient- centred care

We provide patient-centered care with sensitivity and respect for the diversity of human experience. We seek to understand and address patient values, preferences and expressed needs. We are transparent, and strive to empower patients and (their partners) in all aspects of the care process. We are at a patient’s side through each stage of their journey.


Safety is integral to everything we do. We carefully minimize the risk of harm to patients and providers through system effectiveness and individual performance. We embrace standardized practices that support safety and quality and pay attention to detail. We care about safety beyond compliance.


Each member of the team shows up energized, engaged, and enthusiastic about collaborating. The leadership role is not designated to any one individual and shifts as the situation warrants, and as individuals are internally called upon to assume the role. We share information with each other and we connect with ease.

Openness and integrity

Our attention to mutual respect makes it safe to fully communicate with one another. When we make a mistake we own it, we learn from it, and we share what we have learned. We solicit input from other team members to improve our individual, as well as team, performance. We are honest and truthful with our people, no matter what the outcome may be – good or bad.


Every individual holds themselves responsible for doing a great job and maintain a strong work ethic. We work as a team, and do not hesitate to step up to maintain our commitments to our patients if issues arise.