Physician Info

When to refer a patient to AART:

It is recommended that patients under 35 years of age, who haven’t been able to conceive after more than 12 consecutive months of unprotected intercourse be referred to AART.

Women between the ages of 35 to 37, who have not been able to achieve a pregnancy after 6 months of unprotected intercourse, should be referred.

Women 38 years of age or older, should be referred immediately.

How to refer a patient:

Any licensed physician including family physicians, urologists and gynecologists may refer patients to AART. Referrals may be made by phone (902) 404-8600 or fax (902) 404-8601. We do appreciate receiving any relevant patient information and test results before the patient is seen.

Required Testing

AART recommends that the following tests are ordered for all patients being referred for an initial assessment.

Females Men
Day 3 FSH (to be done between day 2 and day 4 of menstrual cycle)
Day 3 E2
Semen Analysis

Patients who are planning to have an IVF cycle will need to have the following additional tests:

Females Men
Uterine Cavity Assessment
Hepatitis B Antigen
Hepatitis C Antigen
GC Swab
Pap and Swabs
Sperm Functional Analysis
Hepatitis B Antigen
Hepatitis C

Male Infertility

Dr. John Grantmyre is holding regular clinics at AART for male fertility assessment and services such as reversal of vasectomy, management of retrograde ejaculation and aspiration of sperm from the male reproductive tract with view to treatment of IVF and ICSI. Referrals to Dr. Grantmyre can be made by faxing (902) 420-0240.