Q. How do I become your patient?
A. Becoming a patient is easy. You may self-refer or be referred by your family physician or specialist.

Q. How much will it cost?
A. Current prices for AART’s treatments are maintained on this site. The total cost of your treatments cannot be estimated until you have had your initial consultation. Personal insurance coverage varies greatly as do travel and accommodation expenses. Once we have completed our assessment and have proposed a course of treatment, we will be able to help you better estimate your total investment for your initial cycle.

Q. Are costs different for non-Canadian residents and foreign nationals?
A. Yes. Canada’s healthcare system is publicly funded for the benefit of its citizens. Costs for foreign nationals include a surcharge to more accurately reflect the actual cost of health care services. In many cases, your total investment will remain economically attractive.

Q. How long must I stay?
A. The length of your stay depends on your unique circumstances and the availability of an Outreach Affiliate in your community. Once we have completed your initial assessment, we can give you an answer that will be reasonably accurate.

Q. Are there side effects to the medications?
A.Yes. Side effects are common but vary in intensity from patient to patient. Your Clinical Care Team will explain all of these in detail as part of your medication orientation and training.

Q. What are your success rates?
A.We are very proud of our success rates, being among the highest in Canada. Please see this website under the heading of success for our most recent rates.

Q. Do you treat same sex couples?
A. Yes

Q. A lot of specifics seem to depend on the results of the initial consultation. Is there a cost associated with this process?
A. Once a patient is referred for a treatment offered by AART, the government will not pay the cost. Patients must pay for their initial consultation and for any treatment they wish to have.

The same is true for foreign nationals.