Patients who receive fertility treatment at another centre may wish to receive satellite services from AART. AART’s fee for satellite services is a fixed fee per cycle (see Financial Matters page for current fee).

Below is a link to information and considerations for patients seeking cross-border reproductive care:

AART may, at its discretion, decline to provide satellite services if:

  • AART has no knowledge of the clinic providing care.
  • AART has knowledge of the clinic providing care and has evidence-based concerns of a clinical or ethical nature.
  • AART is being asked to prescribe drugs that are not compatible with safe practice.
  • AART has not seen the patient in the last 12 months and the patient has not booked an appointment to be seen before drugs are prescribed.
  • AART is aware that the patient has not had the appropriate medical, legal, ethical, and psychological counseling and assessments.
  • The patient is not aware of the risks, implications, and possible complications associated with treatment.
  • Any other concerns that arise before or during the treatment.